NOCTARIUM  derives from 'nox' (latin for night) ... an enclosure for nocturnal animals.

Creation is the origin of everything. Creativity lies in every individual. NOCTARIUM is a concept which combines ideas, craft and devotion into a multi-functional platform.

Mainly hosting events, NOCTARIUM also includes the support for (local) artists. The aim is to work together on a same path and make people happy. As mentioned, creation is the origin of everything. Therefore, creative work enjoys the highest status in every procedure.

NOCTARIUM´s founder are two young cats, who set their goals in providing quality and diversity to the people, operating from a "tiny little" metropole called Frankfurt am Main. As much as these two people are contrasting, they combine the passion for art and sophistication as well. 

NOCTARIUM makes space for personal evolving. The events will bring people together and allow them to be who they are. An happening for the whole city, for all mankind. As the name already tells, NOCTARIUM is a place to break free. A place to retrieve inherent behaviors. 

This for now, but more to come.